5 Reasons to Play the Fall League Season

👋 5 Reasons to Play the FALL League Season.
Starting in AUGUST 👋

#1 ✨ Tournament Feeling ✨

DON’T just play tennis and go home…
USTennis is the ultimate challenge for recreational players.
Feel the pressure the night before a playoff match, test your nerves when playing a recorded match, set your own goal to qualify for the GRAND SLAM competition
with over $600 in 💸prizes!
You won’t find that feeling anywhere else

#2 🤝You want to play the RIGHT tennis LEAGUE 🤝
Join hundreds of players willing to compete.

Video recorded matches, Match highlights, Wall of champions, great prizes, umpire on court, 24/7 support and the Grand Slam competition are some of the features our players love. USTENNIS is committed to create the most attractive and competitive league in town ~ they are here to stay and with your continued support will continue to serve up champions

#3 🕶 Play will be here before you know it, and they want YOU! 🕶

Nothing beats a nice sweat while having fun! 80 degrees, smacking a ball, getting your tan on and burning thousands of calories.

#4 😁Your Body, Your Life, Your Brain 😁
Get FIT, lose weight, Burn calories, Strengthen heart, muscles and Bones. Live longer: Playing just 3 hours/week will reduce your risk of heart disease 56%
Reduce stress: Tennis helps you deal with physical, mental, social and emotional challenges.

#5 All this for just $20https://ustennisleague.com/get-started/?c_id=3&p_rc=GW8IT1K8