Marisa Johnson
Posted on February 19, 2018
How To Play Tennis

1. Get the ball over the net

Lol! It seems so simple right?! But many times we overthink how we will hit the ball and end up dumping it into the net. No fun in that situation. Think of it this way…..the net is the first obstacle you have to overcome when playing. So you need to do everything in your power to get the ball over the net! Make sure you’re lifting on the shot to make it over, and if you’re still having a rough time, think about making the strings a little more open when making contact.

2. Keep the ball in the proper lines

Well this would be the next obstacle you approach. You can’t continue the point unless you keep it in. So now that you’ve made it over the net, what can you do to keep it in? It could be a series of scenarios, but I will keep it simple. If you hit it out (deep) often, try adding more topspin. The ball also goes out often when players stop their racquets at contact. Follow through!!! It helps keep the ball in 😉

3. Either hit a winner or make the opponent miss

There’s two ways you can win a point. One- you can hit a winner 🙂 Two – your opponent misses. I personally like the first option. Strategize the point and move the opponent around to set yourself up for a winner. For the second option remember that consistency is key! So if you can make your opponent miss before you do then you will have a huge advantage.

4. Don’t miss

Consistency is key! You must realize that if you can keep the ball in longer than your opponent you will WIN! So practice being consistent, especially if you are a new player.  When practicing with a friend, start by trying to get 6 in a row and then keep adding on!

5. Have fun!

Enjoy the process of tennis progression and be kind to yourself.  If you miss, stay calm and try to identify the problem.
Remember, tennis allows you to hit something and not get in trouble for it 😉 ..try your best to have fun on the court!