Compete. Have Fun. Win Cash Prizes!

DTC partners with the league, USTENNIS, based out of Houston TX. You pick your favorite court and their team will match you with competitors at a similar level in your area.


It’s easy and here we will explain the process:
Create a free USTENNIS account to start exploring their program and the calendar.
Next, decide what courts you will use for home matches & the appropriate playing level.

✔️ Register to participate in the Singles, Doubles, or Mixed Doubles season that is set to START in March. League play is only $20 per season (you will receive a $15 discount if you join via our links or use code HTC at checkout) 🙂

✔️ Upon registering you will be asked to choose your home court – roughly half the league matches will played at your favorite facility and the others at the opponent’s home court.

✔️ Choose a playing level, we encourage all players to select a level that offers good, competitive matches. Five playing levels offered: 3.0 — 3.5 — 4.0 — 4.5 — 5.0 If you are not sure about your playing level please check the USTA/NTPR system, for more details click here

✔️ A weekly “Flexible” schedule is provided – means you and your opponent choose the best day and time to play.


✔️ After each match the winner(s) enter the scores, so standings are updated.

US Tennis League will provide an umpire for the championship match, the match will be recorded and highlights will be posted on the “Champions Wall”

City Champions will receive a car magnet, $35-dollar cash prize, City Champion T-Shirt, free pass bonus for next league they want to play, their highlights on the “Champions Wall” and the automatic qualification to our exciting Grand Slam Tournament.

The top two ranked players per division automatically qualify for their EXCITING playoff action.

Grand Slam Competition:

You wanted something new and fresh and they heard you loud and clear. Which is why USTennis included the Grand Slam Competition where all 4 city champions in the calendar year will have a chance to compete between them and take home $500 in cash. All matches will be umpired by US Tennis League, balls will be provided and all matches will be video recorded. Stay in shape; we are looking forward to see some of the best players in action, contact us for more details. Good Luck!

Easy, flexible and very competitive, just what we as tennis players were looking for.

Check out the leagues here, registration is OPEN