You want to learn how to play a fun, heart healthy sport, but you need advice on
getting started and staying connected to the game. We are here to help…here’s a path that
will ensure tennis success:


Schedule a 30 minute trial lesson with an HTC Pro or at the facility you will be playing most of your tennis. Not only with the pro show you the basics, but they can set you up with weekly clinics, privates and give you racquet advice.


Play two or three times a week and become comfortable with the strokes, strategy, and the rules of singles and doubles. It’s important you learn the right way to play so you will have FUN on the court and get a great workout! Once you are off to a healthy start, practice on your own (ball machines, backboards) and with practice partners.


Practice what you have learned and find practice match partners. If you don’t have co-workers or friends that play, Join HTC to find Beginning Players that live close to you!


When you feel confident with match play, league play is great fun! There are two types of leagues…Flexible & Structured. Flex Leagues are fun and casual – you sign up for a preferred home court, location, and level – the organizers provide a schedule of opponents at a similar level/location and it’s up to you when to play. is the most popular match provider in Houston, you can create a free profile to view leagues near you. If you prefer a set time and day, USTA leagues offer just that. USTA leagues are offered on weekdays and weeknights all year long. Contact the Houston Tennis Association to get more USTA League info.